What a difference a blog can make to your website traffic?

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I have always been a big believer of power of a blog. Never did I get a chance to really take full advantage of this powerful tool.

In last 2 months, when I finally got some time to focus on our company blog, we have been observing HUGE traffic spikes and exponential increase in new business for our company, new opportunities and new customers.

I was checking our Google Analytics and it showed 400% increase in traffic compared to last quarter. Not only that, we now list on 4rth page of Google (Yeah wer not on first yet, but we’r getting there) for very tough competition keyword like Joomla Website Design, that is probably why we now have so many customers coming to us interested in our joomla design services.

The point is, even if it takes some times, the blog really works. If you want to see an increase in your website traffic and quick traffic spikes, you must add a blog to your site, and make sure you update it at least once a month. Look for a wordpress designer who can design a nice theme for you, or pick one of the free ones out there. If you need custom wordpress design, then you can always contact us.

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Bobby Shahzad

CEO, 1WebsiteDesign


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