Why First Meeting With Your Website Designer Is So Important For Success Of Your Website?

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Your first meeting with a web designer can be very much analogous to first date between an adolescent couple. Both are nervous to speak their hearts out, both do not know what to say and what to expect, both have not planned for this at all. AND YET, both want it to be a success at the end of the day.

In past 8 years, we have met hundreds of clients and a majority of times we felt that the first meeting could have gone much better had we better prepared ourselves for it.

The success of your website design and it’s timely completion depends a lot on how prepared and organized you have been in your very first meeting. The website designers have to be prepared on their end to ask the most relevant questions and make their potential client’s lives easier.

But it would be so much helpful for the success of your project if you have done your home work before meeting your designer for the first time.

Here are some of tips based on our experience that can help you in this regard.

  • Always arrange first meeting on Phone. Email or IM is not a good idea for initial requirements gathering. You can easily miss important points or process can get delayed. Spending 30 minutes on phone is better than spending hours in back and for the email or IM communication.
  • Be well prepared and organized. If possible, note down the features you want to have in your website so that you do not miss it during conversation. Be open and discuss everything with your designer without hesitation. Ask his opinions, he may have better ideas.
  • Answer each and everything your designer asks you and tell them what you like and what you do not like. Explain your business model in detail so that your designer understands your target audience and can design site accordingly.
  • Give them examples of some of websites in same industry or niche as yours and tell them why you like it.
  • Give them your color choices. A good designer will use a number of color combinations not just one color, so sometimes let them decide which color scheme best suits your needs.
  • Make sure you handed over your Hosting control panel and FTP details to your designer right away so that they can upload your site and make it live. 7. Make sure you provide access to every software , documents, textual content, videos, images that your designer needs to get your website done. It only adds extra time overhead to do it later. It would again save you lot of time if you had already prepared this material for your designer.
  • Before ending the meeting, make sure you recap with your designer on what you want and if he/she missed any points you can correct them. This will ensure that you get your website designed completely up to your satisfaction and most importantly this will save you a lot of valuable time.At 1WebsiteDesign, we have organized a set of must ask questionnaire that is very helpful for us to understand exact requirements of our clients. Doing it this way has proven to improve the turn around time and project completion time.Our blog will be updated regularly from now on and we will continue to provide great tips to our audience about how they can have successful online business presence. We will touch a number of topics that will help you get most out of your online business. So keep visiting our blog (I recommend you bookmark it) and do let us know your comments about our first effort as we value your input and it only helps us get better.

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